Simple and Easy.

6 Weeks to Your Very Own PLR Business

A Simple Step-By-Step Plan to Creating a Private Label Rights Content Business


Do you love to write but are ready to reclaim your time & freedom while adding an additional stream of income to your business?  

Heck, you don't even have to love to write to build a done-for-you content creation business you just have to know where to find the right resources to help you along...

...because people NEED content - a lot of it - to support their business.  They are searching high & low for someone just like you to show them the joys of PLR.  And once they see how your quality PLR content fits into their business they'll be raving fans and repeat customers.  

Don't tell anyone but PLR is a bit addictive and a lot like collecting beany babies or Pokemon just have to get them all.  That's amazing news if you're ready to join this lucrative market.

Let us show you how easy it can be...


We want to help you make money while designing your perfect business & lifestyle.

We won't will be involved but we'll show you how you can design the business of your dreams when you follow our step-by-step process.   There aren't any special skills needed.  Just some determination & consistency.

Helping you start a PLR business might sound counterintuitive but we think we're being super smart because we can't possibly create all of the content in the world nor would we want to.  

We've designed a 10-hour work week - we ain't got time for all that...

....and that's where you come in.  

When you start your PLR business we will take a look at your own unique product and review it to make sure to make sure you have a quality product that our customers will love.  If you do, and we know you will, we'll promote it for you.  If it's not quite ready for prime-time we'll give you some suggestions to make it better and go from there.

Of course, we'll also be sharing you with our current affiliates because they want to promote a great deal, too! #winwinwin


5 Weekly Training Modules

You will have immediate access to 5 video modules outlining the steps to take along with helpful printables & workbooks. Along the way, you'll be invited to submit any questions you have that will be answered via video for the benefit of all our students.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Each module will include a video along with some helpful resources to make things easier. We will share the exact steps we took to create our multiple 6-figure business at Piggy Makes Bank


Planning and implementation, along with consistency, are keys to success.  We've created checklists, guides, workbooks and other resources to help you along.

We'll show your everything you need to know to start your PLR business and get your first product up for sale.

Special Piggy Perks

We want to help you succeed so you also get:


Checklists, templates, guides and more. Things like:

  • Business Planning Checklist
  • Product Creation Checklist
  • Product Release Checklist
  • Brainstorming Worksheets: Niche, Topics, Market
  • Content Promotion Calendar
  • Content Creation Templates
  • Creating a Free offer checklist

Submit Your Questions

While you're going through each module we invite you to submit your questions so we can point you in the right direction.  

We'll be answering all the questions via videos and you'll have "lifetime" access along with your course.

Limited Time Bonus Booster

Because we want to see you succeed, we want to help you get your PLR business started but... we can't possibly promote everyone that signs up so the sooner you register the sooner you can secure your spot in our list of potential products to promote while they're still open.

Once you put together your own unique product and it's up for sale, Susanne & I will review it and if you have a quality product we think our customers will love, we'll promote it for you.  


Module 1

Choose a Niche, 

Decide on a Format,

Get into the Right Mindset

Module 4

Marketing & List Building

Create your affiliate program

Build your customer list

Module 2

Research what sells,

Plan your content,

Start creating content

Module 5

Plan your next PLR pack

Get your customer service chops ready

Marketing - with or without social media

Good, bad & ugly of memberships

Module 3

Set up your infrastructure,

Decide on pricing

Start a sales page

What Sets PLR Apart From Other Digital Products?

  • It’s Biz to Biz 
  • It’s a consumable 
  • It’s flexible 
  • It’s profitable 
  • You can repackage your content. 
  • It can be evergreen 
  • It’s easy to create urgency (limited time offers) 

It’s Profitable 

  • Easy to bootstrap 

  • Make it a goal to be profitable from day one. 
  • Start small and scale up. 
  •  Repeat purchases and memberships for recurring income. 
  • Collaborate with other PLR sellers. 

There Is Huge Potential

  • People who don’t realize they need this yet. 
  • People are looking for it by other names (brochures in doctor’s offices) 
  • You can branch out in a variety of different niches. 
  • You can advertise in a myriad of different ways. 
  • As your customers make more, they are able to spend more with you. 
  • You can offer content in a variety of different formats to help them reach their content marketing goals. 

We're getting everything ready for you.  

We'll be closing registration on Thursday, February 8, 2023.

This is the only time we're offering this course this year.  

There will never be a better time.  Next year you'll wish you'd started - avoid the FOMO and click the button below.