How to Use PLR to Boost Your Bottom Line

Course Overview:

Learn how to make the most of every single piece of PLR you own in this 7-module video course. Topics covered are: 

  • Defining your product. 
  • Creating your product using pre-written content (PLR). 
  • Putting your product up for sale. 
  • Crafting lead magnets to build your list. 
  • Building out your funnel. 
  • Driving traffic into your funnel (with PLR). 
  • Supercharging everything you’ve done so far. 

This is a self-study course that you can work through on your own time.

Use it to make the most of the PLR you’ve bought from us here at Piggy Makes Bank, or any other PLR provider. A lot of this information will help you no matter where the content is coming from and you can also use the strategies to make the most of the content you craft yourself from scratch.