Using a “Challenge” To Grow Your Business

Course Overview:

We originally put this ecourse together as a supplemental guide or bonus for our PLR Email Challenge packs over at

Regardless of the size of our packs you’ll find both blog posts and email messages that are designed to go out daily and challenge or inspire your readers to do something. This ecourse is designed to walk you through setting up and running your very own “challenge”.

Use it to write and launch your own content, or grab one of our bundles and put it to good use. Either way, we hope this will help you launch your very own email challenge. Let’s start by talking a little more about what it is and why it works so well in just about any niche.

An email challenge is a series of email messages that your audience can sign up for. Usually you will send daily emails with a tip or a task and then invite your readers to participate and practice a new habit or work on a new skill.

We’ll run through a couple of examples in a little more detail in the next section, but let’s look at a quick one. Say you’re running a 30 day declutter challenge. Each day you would email your readers with a new mini challenge. This could be to tackle the junk drawer and toss anything that’s no longer needed. Or it could be to find 5 items they can donate. Or it could be to go through their children’s book shelves and find books they’ve outgrown that can be donated to the library or passed on to a younger friend or cousin. You get the idea. Each day you give your readers a new task.

Email challenges are a great idea for a few different reasons. They give you something to focus on and mail about for the full 15 or 30 days of the challenge. That makes email marketing planning for the month easy. They also create a lot of engagement with your readers. Invite them to check in and let you know how they are doing. Ask for feedback and suggestions. At the end of the challenge ask readers to share their results and what they’ve learned. It’s the perfect way to create more interaction and engagement.

As you go along, you can promote related products when appropriate. That’s an incredibly effective way to monetize your email challenge. And since the emails are helpful and engaging, a lot of your readers will open and read the emails… and take you up on those offers.

Last but not least it’s a great way to generate buzz and build your list. Promote the free email challenge a few weeks before you start it and invite people to subscribe to your list to make sure they are included in the challenge. Then as you go along invite existing readers to spread the work and invite others to join in. We always see a huge increase in subscribers when we run these email challenges – across multiple niches.

Ready to figure out how to run one of these? It all starts with a little bit of planning…

Lessons in this course: