Module 1: Why 10 Minute Tasks?

In this module we’ll get the ball rolling with a quick overview of what 10 minute tasks are. You’ll learn a little about the idea of ten-minute tasks and what makes this such a power concept. We’ll give you some ideas on how you can use this strategy in all areas of your life.

Start by watching the video. Then download the printables below.

The checklist gives you an excellent overview of everything included in the course. Print it off and check off each piece as you go through it and use it.

Next, take a few minutes to read The Power of Ten Minute Tasks. It’s a quick read that goes into more detail than the video above. The included 10 Minute Tasks planner helps you get into the habit of taking advantage of the small pockets of time we can all find in our day when we look for them.

When you’re ready, click the “Next Lesson” button to go to Module Two.

Downloads for this lesson